Disney Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of “Home Alone” with a Spectacular Gingerbread House

Food artist, Michelle Wibowo, recreated Home Alone’s iconic central locale, the McCallister family home out of sweets. She then recorded the gingerbread house’s construction in an Instagram video. Disney commissioned this talented and exceptional food artist in celebration of Macaulay Culkin, as the classic Christmas movie, Home Alone celebrated its 30th anniversary.

She spent almost 300 hours upon building the miniature measuring 4 feet wide and below 6 feet long. Some of her creations on the miniature were 63 trees, 33 windows, 14 pizza boxes and all of those were made up of icing and gingerbread. What a nice Christmas treat!

You can view the stunning gingerbread house Ms.Wibowo created here.

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