Single Sweep Snow Brooms That Will Swiftly Clean Your Car

If you are live in a country where snow falls annually, then you must know the struggles it causes especially if you have a car. That is where snow brooms come useful.

Snow brooms with telescopic handles are helpful tools that can clear the snow off cars in just a single sweep. The good thing about this cleaning tool is that it does not apply scratch marks on the car nor scrape the car paint.

Here are some top sweep snow brooms to consider:

1. Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom and Ice Scraper with Headlights

This snow broom is ideal for heavy snowfall. It measures 18-inch-wide foam head and pushes everything off by extending the handle from 33 to 52 inches while maintaining your car scratch-free. It also has an emergency blinker function.

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2. Suncast Telescoping Snow Sweeper

This snow broom can extend up to 52 inches. It has an angled foam head that can rotate for 180 degrees for easier and better cleaning.

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3. Birdrock Home Snow Moover Extendable Foam Car Snow Brush and Ice Scraper

This snow brush can fit small spaces easily since its parts are detachable. Its contoured foam brush can rotate for 270 degrees and this broom can be extend up to 55 inches.

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