Ikea’s Tiny and Chic Homes Are Now Up For Sale

The most recent product Ikea made that took 60 days to finish is a customized version of the Vista Boho XL model by Escape built on a trailer. It is equipped with composting toilets, an on-demand heated water supply, and some solar panels. These features make these homes worth considering.

The senior interior design leader, Abbey Stark told Lonely Planet of her desire to create the space functional and beautiful homes while sourcing renewable, reusable, and recycled materials. People who want to buy this customized trailer can look it up at Vox. This is Vox  allows enthusiasts to add other furniture and decorations to it while exploring the tiny home as if experiencing online shopping.

Keep in mind that this Ikea BOHO XL starts at $47,550. If you want to experience the virtual tour of this amazing home, be sure to head here.

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