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Market Favorite: The Air Fryers at Top

Everybody wants to eat food without too much guilt, but how do you cook food which requires deep-frying without deep-frying them and still having the same deep-fried result? The answer to this is an Air Fryer. Air fryers function like convectional ovens and produce satisfying frying results without the use of cooking oils.

This makes it a helpful kitchen appliance that will take healthy living on another level. Here are our top air fryer selections.

1. Best Overall: Philips Premium Air Fryer

This Philips Premium Air Fryer took the top spot for having unexceptional specifications that beats all other fryers in the market in terms of capacity, air frying functions and other special features.

2. Great for Family Use: Corsori Premium Air Fryer

Corsori’s Premium Air Fryer is absolutely suitable for family use since it can cook for more than 6 persons. This comes very handy especially during family dinners and other special occasions.

3. Easy Use: Black+Decker Digital AeroFry

Black+Decker’s Digital AeroFry is easy to use and gives the user the option to set everything including the temperature and timer.

4. Great for Apartment Use: Ninja Air Fryer

This air fryer can cook food for 1-2 people. This makes it very popular with people who live as roommates in apartments.

5. Most Compact Design: Dash Compact Air Fryer

Dash Compact Air Fryer is the cheapest and most compact air fryer in the market. It consumes a little of the countertop space so, making it great if you have limited space.

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